Non-Native Speakers of English

Programs for young children need teachers who can speak languages other than English. The number of children in Connecticut who speak a language other than English at home is increasing. If you speak a language other than English you are a very marketable candidate in early childhood settings.

Getting a College Degree

When English is not your 1st language you may have to go through additional steps to obtain your college degree. All colleges have a process for assessing your English language skills to help place you in courses where you will be successful. All students take placement tests. There are several placement tests that are commonly used at Connecticut colleges and universities:
  • Accuplacer Exam is used by the Community Colleges in Connecticut for students who are native speakers of English.
If English is not your first language there are assessments designed to assess your English language skills. Theses are not pass/fail test; they are used for course placement only. The results of these assessments are used to determine the first courses you can take. An academic advisor will assist you in selecting these courses. The goal is for you to be proficient enough in English to obtain your degree. Postponing English language study may delay your getting your degree.

Community College Students

Based on your Accuplacer or LOEP results you will be placed in...
  • Spanish dominant
  • Basic English
  • Intermediate - Some restrictions on courses you can take may apply
  • True Bilingual - No language restriction on the courses you can take
Note: English Composition (ENG 101) and Literature and Composition (ENG 102) are required as core courses for the Associate degree at all Connecticut Community Colleges.

Bilingual individuals may want to consider a Bilingual CDA.